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Reflexololy for eye strain, better sight, and other eye conditions

Eye problems? Eye fatigue or migraine? Long hours on the computer? Itchy eyes?

Scientific studies support ancestral practices evidencing how reflexology helps to recover from ophthalmic conditions, eye strain, improve visual acuity, even fight against itchy, dry or watery eyes caused by allergies, long hours on the computer, air pollution ...

Between sessions with your professional reflexologist, you can get relief from your symptoms by massaging the base of your toes on the sole aspect of your feet (phalanges 1 + 2), and particularly toes 2 and 3, as in this drawing:

Reflexology and Ocular Hypertension

Self hand reflexology massage tutorial to alleviate stress and tension

Scientific studies confirm the benefits of hand massage on stress and anxiety.

For times or moments of stress, tiredness, or to facilitate sleep:
Here is a short tutorial on how to do a relaxing hand self- massage, while working on reflexological points that relieve tension and facilitate relaxation.

This www.barcelonareflexologí video teaches the steps to follow on one hand, but please:

  • Work both hands and wrists 
  • Work without haste (this massage can last about 15-20 minutes) 
  • Repeat each exercise 5 or 6 times 
  • In the event of bone or joint fragility, avoid rotations or twisting of the hands, fingers, wrists
  • If you have very thin or very dry skin or fragile blood vessels: apply the massage gently! Do not work on damaged skin 
  • You can apply a little moisturizer 
  • Can be repeated daily 
This video is intended only as a relaxation technique: It is not a therapeutic exercise. Its use is under the sole responsibility of its user

"Effects of hand massage on anxiety--" R. Nazari Journal of caring Sciences 2012 / 

"Relaxation effects of hand massage on autonomic nervous system and aniety! Tsuyako Sato 2017

Reflexology improves vital signs and reduces anxiety: clinical studies

Vital signs are clinical parameters that reflect the physiological state of the human organism. They include:

  • Temperature
  • Respiratory rate
  • Heart rate
  • Blodd pressure 

These physiological functions can be altered by:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue 

Many clinical studies evidence the positive effect reflexolgy has on these functions and  how it reduces stress and anxiety levels and facilitates sleep.


"Evaluation of the effects of foot refleoxlogy on vital signs and anxiety in children .."
Ali Mansouri , Hossein Shadadi, Mahdieh Poudineh-Moghadam, Aziz Shahraki Vahed, Sadegh Dehghanmehr - August 07, 2017

"The impacts of foot reflexology on anxiety among male candidates for coronary angiography: A three-group single-blind randomized clinical trial"
Farhad Ramezanibadra, Kourosh Aminib,Kayvan Hossaingholipora, Sograt Faghihzadehc
Department of Critical Care Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Zanjan Social Determinants of Health Research Center, and Department of Biostatistics at Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran  - Elsevier 2018

"The effect of foot reflexology on physiological parameters"
 Arash Khalili, Negin masoudi Alavi, Davoud Mardani, Nastoor Bekhradiani Pour, Akvan Paymard, Mehdi Daraei, Shapour Yaripoor, aba Bashiri, and Mehdi Molavi Vardanjani9 - Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, and Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan. Iran 2016

"The effect of reflexotherapy on patients’ vital signs before coronary artery bypass graft surgery "
Article (PDF Available) in Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research 16(1):8-12 · March 2011Mahin Moeini, Leila Sadat Kahangi, Mahboubeh Valiani, Reza Heshmat
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran'_vital_signs_before_coronary_artery_bypass_graft_surgery

2019: Growing scientific and medical interest in Reflexology

2019: Reflexology is more present than ever in the medical and scientific media. 

The growing interest in this natural and complementary therapy has boosted scientific investigation and lead to many new relevant medical articles that underline: 

  • The physical, mental, and emotional health benefits to be gained from Reflexology, 
  • and how it generally improves Quality of Life.

Here are a few articles: 

Effects of reflexology on premenstrual syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Source:  PubMed - 24 October 2019 - Publisher: BioPsychoSocial medicine 
Results of the present study indicated that the reflexology could relieve PMS symptoms, so that overall scores, somatic and psychological symptoms of PMS decreased by applying the reflexology intervention.  

A systematic review association of reflexology in managing symptoms and side effects of breast cancer treatment. Source:  PubMed - 25 November 2019 - Publisher: Complementary therapies in clinical practice  
The results showed that reflexology is associated with benefits for both psychological and physical aspects. Reflexology was reported to improve quality of life  

The effectiveness of aromatherapy, massage and reflexology in people with palliative care needs: A systematic review. Source:  PubMed - 29 October 2019 - Publisher: Palliative medicine 
There was some evidence  that compared to an active control, reflexology reduced pain.  

Multiple Sclerosis and complementary health approaches. 19 November 2019 - Publisher: National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health 
The American Academy of Neurology issued evidence-based guidelines on complementary and alternative medicine use for MS and concluded that evidence was available to develop practice recommendations for use of reflexology  

Could complementary health approaches improve the symptom experience and outcomes of critically ill adults? A systematic review of randomized controlled trials.Source:  PubMed - 07 September 2019 - Publisher: Complementary therapies in medicine 
No study-related adverse events or safety-related concerns were reported. There were statistically significant improvements in pain, anxiety, sleep, level of arousal, and duration of mechanical ventilation with reflexology. Evidence suggests CHAs including reflexolgy may reduce the symptom burden of critically ill adults.

Complementary Therapies Evidence-based information to help you self-manage your cancer experience Source:  Penny Brohn Cancer Care - 01 August 2019 
There is growing evidence to support reflexology as being effective in reducing cancer related pain and anxiety. Reflexology may also lead to reduction of fatigue and improved mood and quality of life

A systematic review of complementary and alternative medicine in oncology: Psychological and physical effects of manipulative and body-based practices.Source:  PubMed - 17 October 2019 - Publisher: PloS one 
Most results showed positive and significant effects on symptom outcomes especially pain and fatigue. Reflexology may also improve quality of life and mood. 

Coping with your feelings Source:  Marie Curie - 01 April 2019 
Complementary therapies are given alongside your regular medical treatment. They focus on your wellbeing and may help you to feel more relaxed or to sleep better. They can also be used to relieve pain and tension in the body. Reflexology is a complementary therapy. 

Lymphatic Drainage: Joint Pains, Lymphodema, Liquid Retention, PMS, Constipation, Stress and Insomnia

See our Spanish page, and Sources in English below for :

Lymphatic Drainage: Joint Pains, Lymphodema, Liquid Retention, PMS, Constipation, Stress and Insomnia

Medical News Today: Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage benefits to breast cancer surgery patients . US National Library of Medicine. National  Institute of Health 2018

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hematology, Science Direct 2018