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50 year olds brain´s recover mental sharpness: daily practice of regular meditation, self-hypnosis,mindfulness

"...Meditation is simply the creation of a space in which we are able to expose and undo our neurotic  games, our self deceptions, our hidden fears and hopes." Choyam Trungpa
Todavía mas estudios evidencian los beneficios de la meditación cotidiana. 
El estado hipnótico es el estado meditativo profundo: es un estado natural de interiorización profunda...cual sea como se alcanza, cual sea su objetivo (distanciarse de una situación, o enfocar en resolver una). 
Este estado se puede alcanzar a través la hipnosis, la auto-hipnosis, la meditación, la meditación guiada, el mindfulness... dentro de numerosas opciones. 
Su objetivo puede ser pura relajación, desarrollo espiritual, desarrollo personal, salud mental, física y/o emocional... 
Quien practica este estado regularmente, como con todo entrenamiento, habrá también descubierto los beneficios adicionales del estado meditativo - hipnótico - mindfulness: entre otros, una mayor agudeza cognitiva. 
Nuevos estudios científicos confirman la relación causal entre la práctica regular del estado meditativo/hipnótico y del mindfulness, y su impacto sobre la corteza frontal, sede de la toma de decisiones y de la memoria, entre otras facultades. 
Los cerebros de los participantes efectivamente demuestran un aumento de materia gris y actividad cortezal frontal vinculado, incluso en las personas mayores de 50 años. Si la agilidad cognitiva se ralentiza con el tiempo, no obstante se puede entrenar y mantener! 
Los mismos estudios subrayan también una menor actividad de la amígdala, asociada con el miedo, la ansiedad, y la agresividad, y el estrés.

Reflexology and Breastfeeding: Clinical Evidence

The conclusions of recent 2017 and 2018 clinical trials recommend using reflexology to increase the
milk volume of mothers with primature infants, particularly considering its simplicity, high acceptance and no reported side effects.

Further reading in English, please click on this link to our Spanish site: Reflexology for Breastfeeding and Premature Babies

Therapeutic Reflexology and Massage Help Treat and Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury

Muscle, bone, and nerve tissues injured by repetitive stress (RSI) benefit from reflexology and therapeutic massage.

Studies show the effectiveness of both natural therapies in curing and preventing inflammation and helping cells to regenerate.

Furthermore, reflexology and massage enhance the elastic properties of tissues.

Reflexology also helps manage the inevitable psychological factors associated with RSI, combining its physical therapeutic effects with its positive impact on stress, thus enabling the person to relax and let go of pain.

Treatment of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Medical -  Life Sciences 23 August 2018

Overuse Phenomena & RSI
Patient May 2014

Reflexologia y Masaje Terapeuticos para curar y prevenir Lesiones por Esfuerzo Repetitivo
Barcelona Reflexologia 

Reflexology against Pain: A Natural Analgesic

Recent studies (2018) have further demonstrated the effectiveness of reflexology in dealing with pain,
concluding that "adding reflexology to standard analgesic care is effective in reducing postoperative pain at rest and in motion, especially for patients experiencing moderate to severe pain".

Analgesic Effects of Refleoxlogy in Patients Undergoing Surgical Procedures: A Randomized Controlled Trial

  2018 Aug;24(8):809-815. doi: 10.1089/acm.2017.0167. Epub 2018 Jun 8.

Additional Reading:

"Pain, which is caused by an unpleasant (noxious) stimulus, is a stressor that can threaten homoeostasis. The body’s adaptive response to pain involves physiological changes, which are useful and potentially life-saving in the initial stages. If the adaptive response persists, harmful and life-threatening effects may ensue. Pain is noxious, which makes it a powerful protective force: indeed the inability to feel pain is associated with a shortened life expectancy (Shin et al, 2016). After injury, pain encourages us to adopt behaviours that help the healing process; for example, resting the painful part of the body...

..Pain inhibition can be stimulated or enhanced by endogenous or synthetic opioids. Endogenous opiods can be stimulated by acupuncture, exercise and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) (Claydon et al, 2011), and by touch therapies such as Reflexology through which sensory input competes with pain signals, which reduces the onward signalling of pain by the brain
Pain inhibition can also be stimulated by hypnosis (deep relaxation), which has been used with good effect in acute and long-term pain... (Brugnoli, 2016, Uman et al, 2013)..."

Understanding the effect of pain and how the human body responds

Additional Reading:

Evaluation of the Effect of Reflexology on Pain Controñ and Analgesic Consumption after Appendoctomy 

. 2015 Dec;21(12):774-80. doi: 10.1089/acm.2014.0270. Epub 2015 Sep 24