Reflexology and Mental Health: More Medical Evidence Here!

For years now, doctors have recognized the benefits of therapeutic foot reflexology by listening to their patients describe its positive effects, both physical and psychological, and seeing how thses participate in the improvement of the person under treatment.

For this reason,and for not so many years, scientific research in the world has multiplied and now corroboratea and explains the benefits of clinical reflexology, not only its physical and physiological benefits, but also as a therapy for mental health, improving our well-being, i.e. emotional, psychological and social states (that is, the way we think, feel and act in life).

As a mental health therapy, Reflexology helps to :

  • Reduce stress and increase the feeling of relaxation
  • Feel more energetic
  • Manage anxiety
  • Reduce and control both physical and emotional pain
  • Overcome fatigue

Reflexology acts mainly through the nervous system, impacting the endocrine system, improving respiratory, circulatory, and immune functions... and thus the person's energetic and emotional state.


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