Migraine or Headache: Scientific Studies Demonstrate Efficacy of Reflexology in Both Conditions

Headache is the manifestation of pain and pressure sensation in the skull. It is usually present on both sides of the head. 

It occurs with muscle contractions of the neck, face, scalp, or shoulders, due to tension, stress, anxiety, depression, head trauma, or poor head posture maintained for a certain time (when sitting at the computer for example, or when sleeping with bad posture). A cold or sinusitis, eye strain, bruxism (teeth-clenching), excessive caffeine consumption (or caffeine withdrawal), tobacco, alcohol... can also cause headaches. 

Headache is more common in adults, and in women. 

It rarely reflects a serious health problem. It does not worsen with routine physical activity. It improves with rest, and it improves and can disappear with reflexology. 

Migraine is a more extreme, recurring type of headache, usually on one side of the head, with a throbbing sensation: it is a constitutional disorder with an inherited basis. It can be accompanied by nausea or vomiting, and increased sensitivity to lights (photophobia) or noise (phonophobia). 

Stress, menstruation or hormonal changes, climate changes, intense physical activity... can trigger or worsen migraine. 

It improves with rest. Symptoms, duration, intensity, frequency improve with Reflexology

Today numerous world-wide scientific studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Reflexology in preventing and treating both headaches and migraines, relieving pain and other symptoms, shortening their duration, reducing their frequency. Reflexology is a safe and effective non-pharmacological option in the management of headaches and migraines for those who suffer from them.

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