Self hand reflexology massage tutorial to alleviate stress and tension

Scientific studies confirm the benefits of hand massage on stress and anxiety.

For times or moments of stress, tiredness, or to facilitate sleep:
Here is a short tutorial on how to do a relaxing hand self- massage, while working on reflexological points that relieve tension and facilitate relaxation.

This www.barcelonareflexologĂ­ video teaches the steps to follow on one hand, but please:

  • Work both hands and wrists 
  • Work without haste (this massage can last about 15-20 minutes) 
  • Repeat each exercise 5 or 6 times 
  • In the event of bone or joint fragility, avoid rotations or twisting of the hands, fingers, wrists
  • If you have very thin or very dry skin or fragile blood vessels: apply the massage gently! Do not work on damaged skin 
  • You can apply a little moisturizer 
  • Can be repeated daily 
This video is intended only as a relaxation technique: It is not a therapeutic exercise. Its use is under the sole responsibility of its user

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