Reflexology in Hospitals Throughout Europe

In many European countries (see below), the use of foot reflexology in hospitals

It offers the patient an alternative to relieve pain and reduce the tensions created, sometimes generated by heavy treatments.

It also makes it possible to accompany the patient during long stays in the hospital, who, in fact, may find himself morally and psychologically tired. This is where reflexology plays its calming role.

“The wonderful thing about the integration of reflexology in the hospital setting is the birth of the collaboration between the reflexologist, the doctor and the healthcare team. This simple collaborative approach allows patients to be entitled to a new kind of care, a new opportunity to alleviate their suffering.” In a crisis situation, reflexology can sometimes calm as effectively as medication." Says Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson. He carried out research at the Marie Curie Institute in Paris that has made it possible to classify the practice of reflexology among non-invasive psycho-corporal therapies for fighting pain (and which includes tactile massage, hypnosis and relaxation techniques... .)

Reflexology is used as a holistic, preventive and/or complementary therapy in, for example: cancerology, diagnostic imaging, gerontological, perinatal, pediatric care, angiology, psychology, addictions...

Reflexology allows deep relaxation, and acts against pain. Improves blood circulation. Normalizes organic and glandular function.

Here are some of the many western countries where reflexology is present in hospitals and medical centers:



Spain :

ICO, Cataluña

San Joan de Deu, Barcelona

Teknon, Barcelona


Denmanrk, Norway: