Improve Your Balance, Blood Pressure, and Mood with Reflexology and... Walking on Cobblestone

Several scientific studies confirm the benefits reaped by people of all ages in Asian countries by walking barefoot on cobblestones, 30 minutes daily. The stimulating effect results from the activation of certain reflex points (nerve endings which are numerous in the feet) such as in foot reflexology. 

The studies carried out underline positive results in: 

  • Sleep quality 
  • Pain relief 
  • Dialostic blood pressure 
  • Balance 
  • Control over possible falls 
  • Mood improvement 

Among a multitude of other benefits, Foot Reflexology also confers the above, and acts more specifically on reflex points determined according to the conditions sought to be improved. For people who do not have a garden or outdoor path, there are cobblestone rugs on the market, as well as reflexology insoles. 

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